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15 Boyfriend-Approved Gifts for Christmas 2019

Shopping for Mike has been the hardest person to shop for over the years, but I’ve found some gems he’s definitely loves!

Whether you’re just getting started shopping for your man, or have no idea where to begin, check out these 15 boyfriend-approved gifts for Christmas 2019 (Mike has personally approved these):

1. A pair of memory foam slippers he can prance around in

Image via Amazon

Find them here: $19.99, Amazon

Everyone needs a nice pair of slippers they can throw on when they need to run out, and your man is no exception.

He’ll love that these slippers are not only practical, but super comfy thanks to the memory foam. He’ll have no problem running an errand or two for you in these bad boys.

Plus, they’re pretty stylish, giving his pajama game a nice level up.

2. A wallet he’ll be proud to show off

Image via Nordstrom Rack

Find it here: $11.23, Nordstrom Rack

If your boyfriend hates a bulky wallet and wants something more tolerable, opt for a sleek card case wallet.

He’ll love how portable and lightweight it is, and you’ll love when he pulls it out to pay the bill at dinner.

3. A beard grooming kit to keep his face hairs fresh

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $27.98, Amazon

Facial hair is sexy. Keep him looking like the fireball he is with his own personal beard grooming kit.

From specialty trim guides, to a full line of beard cleaning goodies, he’ll never want someone else to clean up his beard again – he’ll have you to thank for that!

4. A watch to tell time and make a statement

Image via MVMT

Find it here: $195, MVMT

Nothing says “I love you” like a little wrist bling.  A watch as timeless as your man makes your Christmas this year much more merry. Gift him a watch he’ll never want to take off.

5. Socks: a staple sure to please

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $12.99, Amazon

When I asked Mike what “boyfriend-approved” gifts I should add to this list, he hit me with “socks.” Good, I’m glad he said that since I got him a nice pack of work socks last Christmas.

Make sure he’s never sockless again! Everyday socks, work socks, socks with your face on it – your options are endless.

6. A Yeti mug adorned with his favorite college football team

Image via Fanatics

Find it here: $39.99, Fanatics

I can barely name the NFL teams let alone the college teams. But that’s okay, because chances are your man has his ride-or-die team (Mike’s is LSU).

Help him get his day started with a hot cup of coffee in a cup he’ll sure take pride in.

7. An overnight bag to hold his stuff and some of yours, too

Image via Coach Outlet

Find it here: $195, Coach Outlet

You don’t realize you need an overnight bag until you need an overnight bag.

Surprising him with a travel bag this Christmas not only fills the void in his luggage inventory, but subtly reminds him of that weekend trip you want to take. Win-win.

8. A sports jacket to help him look and feel his best

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $82.99 – $97.36, Amazon

When you want to elevate his date night style, nothing does it better than a sports jacket.

A nice cross between polished without looking too stuffy, he’ll be delighted to throw this bad boy on. Make those dinner reservations now.

9. Tickets to see his favorite comedian

Find it here: Any amount, StubHub

Gift him some laughter with tickets to his favorite comedian! It makes for a great date night, and who doesn’t like to get a little loose and laugh it up?

He’ll love it, and you’ll be so happy you bought them.

10. A travel pillow to keep him comfy on your next flight

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $17.95, Amazon

No one likes a stiff neck after a long flight. A travel pillow is a great, thoughtful gift he may not have thought to get himself.

Plus, you can always use it when you go away. Because sharing is caring, right?

11. A sleek bracelet to switch things up

Find it here: $60, MVMT

Finding a bracelet that not only fits, but fits his style can be tough. Once you find one though, it’s game over.

Keep his wrist candy strong with a bracelet he’ll never want to take off.

12. A gift card for a massage

Find it here: Any amount, Massage Envy

If your man considers you a part time masseuse, gift him a massage this Christmas.

He’ll love how the knots in his back will just rub away and you’ll love the break.

13. A back massager for when the gift card is not enough

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $44.95, Amazon

Let’s face it – that massage gift card is a temporary fix. Surprise him with a back massage, all the time!

He’ll feel totally relaxed and ready to take on the world – all because of you!

14. A cast iron pan to encourage his culinary pursuits

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $19.90, Amazon

If you have a man who likes to cook, encourage it. (Especially if you hate to cook, like me).

A cast iron allows him to get creative and he may even show off his skills with a romantic steak dinner.

15. A cozy robe to make him feel like the king of the castle (or apartment)

Image via Amazon

Find it here: $29.99, Amazon

Ahh, nothing like starting the day in a long, comfy robe. Your man will feel like a superstar.

Pair that robe with those new memory foam slippers and you’ll end up changing his life!

What gift would you get your boyfriend this Christmas?

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