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16 Fall Fashion Finds You Can Pick Up at Walmart

I love when a new season rolls around because it gives me an excuse to update my wardrobe!

But since I’ve started my debt payoff journey, I’ve become much more conscious about my spending habits. That means, I’m constantly looking for cute items that won’t break the bank.

Walmart has stepped up their game big time in the fashion department and I’m loving every minute of it.

These 16 fashion finds are a guilt-free splurge you can add to your wardrobe this fall!

1. Time and Tru Knit Boot

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Price: $24.98

I love me a good fall bootie. I love it even more when I can spend less than $30 on them. Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to pay a little more for shoes with the hope that they’ll last longer. I wear my shoes to the ground so I want a shoe that can keep up.

So far, this bootie has three 5-star reviews and they come highly recommended. I love how simple they are and have that “sock” feel. Plus, they’re pointy which is always the way to my heart.

View the full product listing here.

2. Love Sadie Leopard Print Pullover Sweater

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Price: On clearance for $11.50 (originally $18.98)

Nothing says comfy like an oversized knit sweater. I picture this being perfect for those chilly fall days picking pumpkins or running out to get coffee. Or any other occasion you could wear it for.

I like that the animal print gives it a little more flair, and it’s a nice neutral color. This sweater also comes in grey with the same animal print. There are no reviews but with a price like that, who cares!

View the full product listing here.

3. Time and Tru Thermal Peplum

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Price: $13.44

I typically like to keep my wardrobe simple and mix it up with statement pieces. I think it makes throwing outfits together much easier. That’s why I thought this thermal peplum would make the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe!

Lightweight and simple, this top checks off all my boxes (including the price). This top comes in 4 colors and 4-star rating online.

View the full product listing here.

4. Time and Tru Front Tie Rib T-Shirt

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Price: $10.96

The weather as we transition from summer to fall always gets wonky. It’ll be chilly in the morning just for the afternoons to feel like a sauna.

That’s why this top caught my eye. I love a clean crew-cut top and this is classic enough to be dressed up for work or dressed down for a day out. I’m a sucker for that tie detail in the middle. I also like that the back is longer, so it makes the perfect top to pair with leggings.

It currently has a 4.5-star review on

View the full product listing here.

5. Jacqueline Design Studio Tape Yarn Cardigan

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Price: On clearance for $13.00 (originally $17.98)

This knit sweater reminds me of the one I lost years ago so I felt a little nostalgic. Outside of that, I think this piece is subtly sexy. I’m picturing a night out with a super bomb outfit and to top it off, you throw this sweater on.

Or, you can just throw it on for a day at the office. Or running errands. Either way, it’s versatile enough to do a lot of things.

This sweater also comes in an oatmeal color, but it looks like there’s only two sizes available in the black (Small or Medium). It has a 3.5-star rating with five reviews (mainly because the material is thin but that’s what would make it a perfect transition piece for the seasons).

View the full product listing here.

6. Time and Tru Straight Leg Ankle Jean

Image via

Price: $18.74

You know those styles you’d never consider wearing on your own but you see everyone posting about it so now you feel like you should too? Yeah, that’s how I feel about straight leg jeans.

The last time I wore a pair of jeans that weren’t fitted was in middle school, and those days are long gone. But like every other trend in fashion, the straight leg look is back and it’s tempting me big time.

I’ve grown to love animal print so that’s what drew me in first. But I also like them because they look to be good quality, and the model wears them so well. And for less than $20, it feels like a risk-free investment.

They currently have a 4.5-star review and also come in denim.

View the full product listing here.

7. Time and Tru Knit Trouser

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Price: $16.86

I like these pants because they’re a simple and stylish work pant that won’t break the bank. With the cooler days ahead, I like my work pants a little thicker to combat the cold temperatures both outside and in the office.

And it’s hard to find work pants that aren’t at least $40 so I’ll take my chances with these. While there’s no current reviews, they’re eligible for 2-day shipping and come in two other colors (black and brown plaid).

View the full product listing here.

8. Heart N Crush Faux Suede Trench Coat

Image via

Price: $29.98

This trench coat means (and screams) business. I love the fact that there’s no buttons and you can leave it open or tie it closed.

Imagine the boss-ness you’ll feel when you throw this on and head out. This coat is flattering and classic, and will compliment any occasion. This coat has no reviews (yet) and it also comes in an olive green and a cream/camel color.

View the full product listing here.

9. Time and Tru Fashion Sneakers

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Price: $16.98

Fashion sneakers are my favorite things to throw on. From running errands to catching up with friends, fashion sneakers keep you stylish and comfortable.

The animal print and color-block design that’s going on adds enough statement to this sneaker without it being too much. It’s so subtle that I’d feel comfortable wearing these with practically any out. And who doesn’t love a sneaker that’s less than $20?

These guys currently have a 4-star rating and the customer pictures are too cute. You can also pick these up in silver.

View the full product listing here.

10. Time and Tru Kitten Heel Bootie

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Price: $24.98

I used to be so against a kitten heel. I felt like the length was so small that it should either be a flat or an actual pump.

But like most fashion trends, I picked up a pair when Payless was having their going-out-of-business sale (RIP) and I fell in love. They’re my go-tos for work and these cutie booties feel no different.

Pointy-toed shoes are my jam and I love that they’re an animal print bootie. It’s a fun way to dress up your work outfit and feel like a badass doing it. And for the price, it’s totally worth it.

Available in 5 colors (black suede, black patent, animal print, red patent, and white patent), these booties currently have a 5-star rating.

View the full product listing here.

11. L.N.V. Peplum Blouse

Image via

Price: $21.89

I freakin’ love this top! It might be one of my favorites I’ve found! I think the cut is great and it’s the perfect top for work. This olive color/print especially has me going ga-ga. I think it’s love.

There are currently no reviews online but it’s eligible for 2-day delivery.

View the full product listing here.

12. Time and Tru Feather Flat

Image via

Price: $14.97

Flats can be a hit or miss with me. I’m a creature of habit and typically rotate through the same three pairs of shoes throughout the fall (which usually don’t include flats). But this might be the year that changes!

I love these loafers/flats. Are you surprised they’re pointy? I think they’ll make the perfect throw-on shoe for the office, on the days I just don’t feel like thinking too much. They look super comfy and when I’ve seen these in stores, I noticed the soles are a little thicker which is perfect if you’re on your feet more.

These shoes have some love already, with 26 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. They’re available in four colors (black suede, burgundy suede, animal print suede, and a grey plaid).

View the full product listing here.

13. Time and Tru Cropped Knit Sweater

Image via

Price: On sale for $8.00 (originally $15.96)

I love a good knit cardigan. I especially love when you can throw them on and be on your merry way.

This sweater caught my eye online and it looked super cute on! And at $8, it’s a price that can’t be beat.

It comes in 4 colors (cider/coral, black, heather grey, and blue/gem). It does have a 3-star rating but that’s mainly due to customers not expecting it to be cropped. It being cropped actually makes me like it better! Pair it with some mid-to-high-waisted pants and be on your way.

View the full product listing here.

14. Time and Tru Snowcapped Sherpa Half-Zip

Image via

Price: $19.96

The only Sherpa you need this fall! I have this and it’s AMAZING! I saw it circulating online and it looked amazing on everyone so I headed into Walmart one night and snatched one for myself.

I recently took this with me on a weekend trip to New Hampshire. The weather there was much cooler and this Sherpa was the only need I needed to keep warm.

It’s also light-weight and roomy enough where you can layer up without feeling suffocated or overheated.

This Sherpa also comes in a blue/oatmeal color-block, oatmeal, a light purple, and a cider/oatmeal color-block. There’s only 9 reviews online but here’s the 10th – IT’S WORTH IT.

View the full product listing here.

15. Avia Athletic Sneaker

Image via

Price: $17.87

For my sneaker heads, does this look familiar? It’s similar (if not the same) as the FILA Disruptor and if you’re like me and don’t want to spend over $50, these Avia’s are the perfect dupe.

I tried these on in store and they’re DOPE. I felt so cool. I didn’t pick them up since I was in a rush but I’ve thought about them every day since. I tried on the 8 and it fit true to size.

With 128 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, these might be the best thing you’ll pick up this season.

View the full product listing here.

16. Time and Tru Peasant Top

Image via

Price: $15.44

I have quite a few tops like this already in my wardrobe so this peasant top (in animal print, of course) caught my eye as a possible new addition.

I actually tried this on in store and I can attest to the quality and the fit. I really enjoyed the hardware details of this top and even the ruching on the sleeves. Overall, it’s a nice fall top that won’t break the bank.

This top also comes in blue, red, or white floral (all with some pattern on them). This top boasts a 4.5-star rating.

View the full product listing here.

Let me know what you think! What would you add to your wardrobe this fall?

All prices and stock are current at the time of publish. This is not an affiliate post. I’m just a fan of budget-friendly fashion!

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