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The Only Jacket You Need This Cold Weather Season

With the cold weather season approaching, you’ll find me going into maximum layering. Any time I step outside, I don’t like to be reminded that I’m not fortunate enough to live when the sun always shines and have the luxury of the warmth beating down on me.

Since the cooler weather has started to make its arrival, I’ve been swapping out my summer threads for thick, cozy sweaters and sweats galore.

A major component to my cold weather wardrobe is a go-to jacket. I’ve worn the same Old Navy puffer jacket for a couple years now and while it did an incredible job at keeping me warm all season long, I was ready for a change.

I knew exactly what I wanted to supplement my ol’ faithful with: a Superdry jacket. Specifically, a Superdry Windcheater.

Superdry is a clothing company based in the UK which combines “vintage Americana styling with Japanese-inspired flare.”

The design of the Superdry Windcheater jacket does come branded with mild Japanese writing, but don’t be quick to assume it’s a Japanese brand.

I was given a hand-me-down Superdry Windcheater (a popular line for them) a long time ago and I Ioved it! But that particular one was a size too small, so I couldn’t wear it much. I couldn’t get over how chic I thought it was. It has this essence of ‘cool’ that I didn’t think a winter jacket could have.

The Windcheater is a practical jacket

close up of blue jacket with double zippers and deep pockets

This is a no-frills jacket; it’s quite utilitarian.

It’s fleece-lined, which means I get to stay toasty all winter long (and beyond because summer is like two months here). The design of the jacket is relatively simple. There are double front zippers for max wind-cheating.

Speaking of wind, nothing’s more annoying when your hood keeps flying off. The Windcheater hood has bungee cords so you can tighten it, and a bungee hem along the hood, so I can contour the hood exactly how I like.

The pockets are also large and deep – perfect for incubating my hands when I have to venture outside.

It’s perfect for rainy days

Weatherproof jackets are key when you’re living in PA. Just the other day, we had rain showers that lasted all day. No rain shower is too much for this jacket, though. It had me ready to dance in all the rain storms (not really, but at least I’d be covered).

It’s an Investment Piece

The Windcheater comes in at $89.50. It’s one of the better investments I’ve made in winter jackets over the years.

I love my Windcheater! It’s checks off all the boxes for a practical, timeless winter jacket. Let me know what you think – would you consider a Windcheater?

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  1. Stephanie

    Love this jacket!!!

    • Jamie Reedy

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s a great investment!

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