Hello! My name is Jamie.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my intentional spending and lifestyle blog!

The Future is Blonde is focused on getting the money right to live your best life. Through financial literacy, intentional spending, and believing you’re capable of achieving greatness, you can create the life you want with the finances to match.

Origin Story

My sister and I were raised by a single mother. Money was always considered this “evil” thing – that no matter how hard you worked, you never had enough of it. It dictated every. single. part. of our lives. Often times, we had to decide if we wanted to buy groceries or pay the electric bill. When I started working full-time, that’s when the realization hit me harder than ever – is the way we’re living really the only way to live?

After graduating college in 2018, I walked away with a degree in Marketing and $26,000 in student loan debt. Couple that with consumer debt and my car, I was ready to begrudgingly start “adulting” and pay all these debts that were “normal.” But I quickly grew tired of the grind and spending aimlessly so I sought out to educate myself on money, personal finance, and liberating myself of the idea that I was doomed to repeat my family’s money mistakes.

Now, I’m working towards the path of financial freedom, and building my wealth foundation. I started my $50,000 debt payoff journey June 2019. I’m spending my money more intentionally to truly maximizes its value in more ways than one.

The Future is Blonde Blog is Born

Having a background in Marketing and working as a digital marketer/content creator, it felt natural to create a blog and develop content. This blog is my outlet to share my wealth building journey and push myself outside of my comfort zone. Money is the foundation for everything we do in this lifetime, but I want to show how you can make it work for you and more. (And I’m always looking for new income streams so here I am!)

Quick Facts

  • My boyfriend, Mike, and I met on Tinder and its been love ever since the first swipe. We’ve been dating since February 2017 and he also shares the same financial goals as me (he already owns his first investment property)!
  • I originally was born in Virginia and lived in South Jersey for almost half my life. I moved out and now call Pennsylvania home.
  • I love all things fashion and beauty and refuse to stop indulging in them as I change my spending. In fact, I’m budgeting so I can enjoy them more.
  • It’s a big deal to me that people see they’re capable of whatever they put their minds to. Too often do we see great people fail to see THEIR greatness, and all those ambitions can fall down the drain. You can make this life what you want, and you OWE THAT to yourself!
  • I hate cooking, so my biggest guilty pleasure is spending too much money on take out.
  • A life goal of mine is to have multiple streams of income and have the ability to live anywhere in the world I want (somewhere warm because I’m not a cold-weather fan).

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